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Welsh Culture

A set of articles from our sister site Historic UK

Flag of Wales


Dewi Sant - Patron Saint of Wales  March 1st is the National Day of Wales - but who was St. David, and why are leeks and daffodils traditionally worn on this day?


The Red Dragon  The proud and ancient battle standard of the Welsh is The Red Dragon (Y Ddraig Goch)....


St Dwynwen  St Dwynwen is the Welsh patron saint of lovers, which makes her the Welsh equivalent of St Valentine......


A Taste of Wales


Christmas Traditions in Wales  Including the unique Boxing Day custom of beating young girls with boughs of holly......


Traditions and folklore  An introduction to some of the folklore and traditions in Wales 


The Leek - the National Emblem of the Welsh Proudly sported every St. David’s Day on 1st March and at every international rugby match, the leek is now widely recognised as the national symbol of Wales. But why is it that patriotic Welshmen and women across the world attach this strong smelling member of the onion family to their clothing? The true origins are now perhaps lost in myth and legend...


The National Eisteddfod of Wales  
The National Eisteddfod is the largest and oldest celebration of Welsh culture, unique throughout Europe.....


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